CxO of the Week: Xiao Guo, ThoughtWorks


Published on
27/04/2020 10:33 AM

An executive with decades of experience in his field, Xiao Guo is currently the CEO at ThoughtWorks, a company committed to helping businesses from all backgrounds embrace a digital mindset. 

Guo has built his exceptional background in the digital landscape on the belief that companies must develop an environment where teams can experiment, act creatively, and learn from their experiences. From an early age, Xiao found the worlds of software development and digital growth intriguing. In his role at ThoughtWorks, Guo donates his unique perspective to countless companies across the globe. 

A Passion for Creating Excellence

As the CEO of a global consultancy, Xiao is responsible for leading more than 7,000 colleagues in 43 offices throughout 14 countries. His focus is to deliver technologies to address client needs as they digitally transform. 

Before becoming CEO, Guo was ThoughtWorks' Managing Director, responsible for helping the then-new business grow from the ground up. Prior to that, Xiao was an Agile Software Developer at the company. In turn, Guo has been with ThoughtWorks for around 20 years, making him a highly valuable member of the organisation. 

His experience in software development has helped Xiao to create an intuitive environment for the ThoughtWorks team. What’s more, he believes in upholding the values of the ThoughtWorks company, which centre around software excellence and using technology to improve society. 

A Long-Term Expert in His Field

Xiao also has an impressive education. He firstly obtained a BSc in Chemistry from Peking University, before going on to earn an MS in Chemistry and EDP in Executive Development from Northwestern University. Since, has exercised programming in a multitude of languages and helped clients develop amazing products. 

Today, Guo’s primary focus is to ensure that he continues helping the ThoughtWorks brand grow at a rapid pace. Powered by his commitment to delivering software solutions to the masses, Xiao is driving the company from strength to strength. 

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