Authentic8: Secure Financial Fraud Investigations in the Cloud

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Many banks face a no-win situation: Block access to suspicious areas of the web in the name of security or relax security on a per-request basis to maintain analyst productivity. Fraud analysts will not be productive if IT disconnects their machines from the network because they have been infected. But blocking investigative efforts when analysts access external sources isn’t productive either. Sacrificing oversight and governance by providing analysts unsupervised access to a separate network is not an option.

This whitepaper examines comprehensive solutions for protecting financial fraud investigation specialists when they go online. To do their job productively, analysts require a secure remote browser with the following capabilities:

  • Anonymous, private, disposable browser environment
  • Integrated encrypted storage for capturing files and screenshots without changing workflow
  • Central policies for how the web is accessed and the browser features they can access
  • Audit logs encrypted with customer-managed keys

This whitepaper explains how and why outsourcing the risk with a compliance-ready, remote browser isolation solution has emerged as a viable alternative to DIY investigation platforms.