Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in Telco

Published on
12/12/2019 12:48 PM

The promise of content available on any screen has become a reality. This is enabled by advances in network technology and speeds, new content providers, and the continued explosion of mobile devices, paired with the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IOT). Nothing illustrates the scope of this like the fact that there are now almost as many cell-phone subscriptions as there are people on earth.

Core connectivity drives most carriers’ revenues; providing data and voice services to meet demand in a way that is high quality, reliable, and affordable remains a central focus. The industry constantly worries about two things: ways to rationalize networks and how to offer improved and expanded services.

Consumers still have an appetite for more connection — from the smart home (think: lighting, security, and entertainment) and connected cars, all the way to the smart city (think: access to city services, parking, lighting, and video security).