Accenture launches AI-human “engine” for the enterprise

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Accenture has launched SynOps, a human-machine operating engine that combines data, applied intelligence, and digital technologies. As a result, the firm claims that the innovative machine will enable enterprises to "achieve sustainable competitive advantage."

A combination of talent and digital

According to the press release, SynOps is an assembly of human talent, data and technology. The platform incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics in order to provide a "fit-for-purpose and flexible roadmap" for improving enterprise efficiency. In order to achieve this, SynOps harnesses data and insights from over 1,000 Accenture client engagements.

In turn, the "engine" allows companies to become more agile and "generate additional value by driving growth and scaling operations quickly." Accenture has synthesised hundreds of years of cumulative expertise with data from clients' existing systems. By drawing on external data, SynOps identifies "high-impact opportunities for business process reinvention."

As a consequence, enterprises can now benefit from greater insights that enable informed decision making and better business outcomes. The combination of human and machine is integral to this functionality, which also enables organisations to "reinvent business processes and achieve intelligent operations."

Four essential components

First and foremost, SynOps harnesses the intelligence of over 100,000 Operations professionals. This also includes data scientists and AI experts, who will work to augment the company's machine workforce of over 3,600 automation solutions, 65 analytics apps and 40 AI advisors.

In addition, the "human-machine operating engine" optimally orchestrates the allocation of work. This feature has the ability to make an enterprise more flexible, responsive, agile in addition to streamlining operations and processes. SynOps assigns transactional tasks to software bots and leverages AI and analytics to identify new opportunities for automation. In order to assign the correct resource to the right task, SynOps harnesses the power of data-based insights.

The feature also integrates the analytics and AI capabilities of the Accenture Insights Platform. As a consequence, more than 100 preconfigured analytics and AI solutions quickly "deliver insights that enable exceptional business outcomes and sustainable competitive advantage."

Finally, SynOps enables the collection, monitoring, storage, analysis, and reporting of structured and unstructured data. Data derived from a variety of sources creates an ideal environment for advanced data exploration and AI model development.

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