How is artificial intelligence ramping up digital transformation initiatives?

Published on
12/12/2019 01:43 PM

Digital transformation is not just a priority for enterprises today. Instead, it is the priority for enterprises today. However, this initiative comes with many avenues to explore for impact and acceleration. One such avenue is artificial intelligence (AI), which supercharges pretty much everything it touches.

You would be forgiven for thinking that digital transformation is somewhat synonymous with AI transformation; the two do go quite pleasantly hand-in-hand. However, what are the intricacies of how AI impacts the digital transformation initiative?

Advancing analytics

Digital transformation calls for optimised analytics. Recently, we have become especially familiar with the fact that data and analytics enable better decision-making. At the same time, AI is surfacing as a means to catapult analytics, helping organisations get more out of their data.

In particular, by automating data processing and analysis, humans only need to guide, rather than execute. AI can process thousands of data points in real time, much quicker than humans can. Thus, businesses can reach better decisions in less time. In fact, generally speaking, AI, specifically machine learning, helps your business pick up the pace, whatever the process. Therefore, with these in tow, your organisation will find itself at the finish line much sooner.

Intelligent customer experiences

Many organisations embarking on their digital transformation journeys are doing so in the hopes of meeting happier customers at the other end. AI is an enabler for this, paving the way for more personalised experiences.

In particular, you can improve interactions via chatbots or share better recommendations based on their search history, among many other new opportunities. Perhaps best of all (and similar to before), AI will deliver a newfound speed to customer communications, keeping them happier with quicker resolutions.

Securing the enterprise

When we say that digital transformation is the priority for enterprises, perhaps the most important subset of that is cybersecurity. Data breaches, hacks, and the like can be a nightmare to bounce back from.

Fortunately, AI can mitigate the risk significantly. In particular, AI catalyses detection of threats and malicious activity. Not only that, but by implementing AI-based algorithms, you can also eliminate the chances of human error.

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