CxO of the Week: Olivier Cauderlier, CEO of Flamingo Ai

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A dynamic and successful leader in IT and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Olivier Cauderlier has an extensive background in the technology industry. In particular, he has focused on helping companies digitally transform and embrace the modern environment. Olivier has built a reputation as a respectable and motivational leader. Thanks is with thanks to his skills in blending technology and customer experience and people-oriented leadership. His work philosophy entails creating digitally enabled businesses with customer-centric cultures at their core. Today, Olivier Cauderlier holds the position of CEO at Flamingo Ai, a company that he has played a vital part in developing throughout 2019.  As CEO, Olivier has initiated crucial strategic improvements to business operations. This includes helping his team take a more customer-focused approach to driving growth and development. 

A Leader with a Focus on People

His enthusiasm in tech lead him into the digital world, and his passion for people makes him an exceptional leader. In the SaaS and artificial intelligence space, Olivier thrives with plenty of experience and expertise to offer. For instance, before Flamingo Ai, Cauderlier worked as a self-employed consultant, single-handedly helping companies of all sizes to embark on their digital transformation missions.  Between May 2016 and July 2018, Cauderlier also held a role as Chief Operating Officer for ipSCAPE, where he was responsible for a two-year change management programme intended to completely restructure the organisation. Cauderlier was led a SaaS and customer experience team – an experience that now comes in handy for Flamingo Ai.  Before working with ipSCAPE, Olivier was employed in numerous other roles, including a Programme Manager position for machine learning and artificial intelligence projects at Appen. He also worked as a pre-sales project architect for Bertelsmann, focusing on mass-market customer experience. 

Following His Passions into Business

Cauderlier has always put a great deal of energy and enthusiasm into his work. Other ventures include songwriter/lead singer for SixDaysAfter and acting as a Business Development Director for the SDP ERP system. His varied and diverse background gives him a unique insight into the business world. Furthermore, it makes him a valuable leader to his peers.  Cauderlier has a Masters in Business and Complex sales with a specialism in high technology. He also holds a Bachelor of Science and a diploma of science and technical engineering. 

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