How can augmented emotional intelligence improve business?

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Nearly one-third of employees are engaging with some form of artificial intelligence (AI), according to a 2018 survey. However, the advancement of Emotionally Intelligent AI (EAI) could dramatically increase the number of enterprises engaging with the technology.

The value of emotionally intelligent tech

Last September, CTO of Photobox Group Richard Orme told us that we have entered a new "uncanny valley" for both narrow and broad AI. In effect, these systems have become "incredibly good at understanding and predicting the whims of human feelings." In effect, algorithms that "appear to understand all facets of human emotion" are increasingly valuable. There is therefore "an appetite" for EAI in both the workplace and at home. "Our recent research shows that more than one in three (35%) 16-24 year olds believe that technology can help them become more emotionally intelligent," Orme stated. Moreover, 55% said that it will help them to become more aware of others' feelings. Orme believes that "the way to make these systems succeed in our lives is to make sure we’re helping humans with their decision-making process, rather than taking it over entirely." EMRAYS is the company that pioneered "Emotion Computing", which has led to identifying "critical insights into emotion and behaviour."

The calculation of emotions

EMRAYS is transforming the way that marketers conduct research with Emotion Computing. Using the world's "largest affective neural model with over 1.8 billion real user emotional reactions," organisations can "instantly understand and optimise any content." The model instantly analyses text, image and video in order to decipher how a user will react to content. As a result, the "fully automated marketing research" enables marketing to be truly agile. Anyone can therefore instantly "test and adjust marketing content" in real-time. By predicting the outcome before going to market, companies can receive instant and accurate results while saving time and money. In addition, the tool also analyses how users feel about brands, products, and the news. After searching for any topic, the "Emotion Cloud" provides an instant idea of the emotional context.

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