The Top 10 AI Chatbot Platforms for the Enterprise

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The Importance of Chatbot Integration

The chatbot revolution is well and truly underway. Bots are now available to answer customer questions, deliver personalized suggestions, and more. Not only that, but it's easier than ever for companies to unlock the benefits of AI for themselves, thanks to the development of highly accessible chatbot platforms.

Built on top of machine learning protocols, AI chatbot platforms allow companies to instantly deploy their own chat solutions into their websites, applications, and social media tools. So, which are the best platforms on the market today? Let's find out.


Purchased by Google in 2016, Dialogflow is a highly sophisticated and intelligent chatbot solution. It can recognize human expressions and track the context of a user's request based on that customer's previous interactions with the business. For organisations in the eCommerce industry that need a tool capable of handing in-depth service requests, Dialogflow is the ultimate option.

More sophisticated than many of the options available on the web today, Dialogflow allows you to get to the heart of new AI opportunities. You can create unique scenarios that handle an almost limitless range of customer service requests too. All that, and you don't need any programming skills to get started.  


One of the most fully-featured chatbot platforms on the web today, BotEngine integrates natively with and LiveChat. It's also open to implementing as a standalone solution into any of your existing apps, or websites. Already, countless companies like Intuit, Adidas, and even Boston University use BotEngine to enhance their business-to-consumer relationships.

This trainable chatbot responds intelligently to user questions, gathers helpful information for your back-end system, and automatically routes calls to agents when it can't find the solution to a problem. If you're looking for robust live chat software that you can implement with ease, this is it.

Zoho SalesIQ

A chatbot platform explicitly built for the sales teams of the world. Zoho SalesIQ can be triggered with over 40 targeted customer filters, like the number of past chats, email address, visitor question and more. This means that service teams can more quickly assess the needs of everyone who comes to them for help. Because Zoho SalesIQ comes as part of the live chat Zoho software, the bot can easily hand a conversation over to an agent when necessary - complete with any prior context.

If you need a little help getting started, Zoho SalesIQ comes with access to a complete user guide, help videos, integration support and so much more. There's even a forum full of active developers available too.


ArtiBot is a fantastic piece of artificial intelligence kit designed by the makers of Pure Chat software. It offers access to endless hosted bot pages and templates, unlimited bots and leads, and more. Singing up for an account is completely free, and the solution integrates seamlessly with a range of marketing and web platforms, for a more cohesive admin experience. All you need to do is add a line of widget script onto your website, and you're ready to go.

To ensure that you're getting the best possible results for your industry, ArtiBot also comes with 25 unique templates to choose from. With a tiny bit of coding knowledge, you can also customize any template with if/then branching statements.


SnatchBot defines itself as a "revolutionary" platform - and for a good reason. Created for organizations that want to eliminate the complexity of accessing AI features, SnatchBot is a feature-rich service that integrates with dozens of great apps. You can use SnatchBot with Slack, Skype, Facebook, and more. What's more, as with the other options on this list, there's no need for a developer. Simply choose the event-specific bot template you want and add it to your system free-of-charge.

Snatchbot comes with a robust range of administrative features attached to it, so you can edit and alter your bot if you want to. There's also enterprise-grade security built-in, so you can rest assured that your system is entirely compliant.


Hubspot is one of the few CRM solutions that come with a chatbot platform built-in. Designed to give marketing and sales teams the end-to-end functionality they need to create incredible experiences for customers, Hubspot has it all. When you implement your chatbot, it will be able to show visitors useful content, qualify leads for you, and create support tickets too. What's more, all of your conversation hubs are connected in the same inbox.

The great thing about the HubSpot chatbot platform is that it comes as part of the company's forever-free CRM system. Upgrades to the sales, service and marketing hubs that come with the chatbot feature are available for $150 per month.


TARS is another easy-to-use chatbot platform that implements conversational tools into both Facebook messenger and your website. Used by companies like DHL, CloudNine, and Coverfox, TARS is unique because it provides endless insights into consumer data. Unlike most chatbot solutions, this service comes with in-depth integrations with your AdWords PPC adds. That means that when someone clicks on one of your ads, you can send them directly to a chatbot, rather than a static landing page.

Since many customers prefer to interact with a company before making a purchase, the TARS platform offers an easy way to boost your conversion rate drastically. The company's website is packed full of great case studies if you need evidence of its' success.

Bold 360

One of the reasons why Chatbots are so popular today is that they allow businesses to tap into the consumer intelligence we would otherwise miss. Bold 360 is a chatbot platform that provides you with an insight into the smartest ways to engage your customers. By gathering user data, Bold 360 can understand customer intent, and direct each client to the resource that's best suited to give them the ultimate online experience.

One particularly appealing feature of Bold360 is that it comes with an open API. That means if you do have a developer on board, you can develop virtually any integration you can think of. There are 3 platform packages to choose from, Starter, Plus, and "AI."


Botisfy claims to increase company sales by 30% and reduce costs by 81%, all through the power of AI. The platform works with both website back-end systems and Facebook messenger to facilitate seamless communications with customers. Like, Collect.Chat, the drag-and-drop functionality makes it very easy to use. What's more, if the bot encounters a question it can't answer, it transfers the customer to a human agent. That means you don't miss out on any possible leads.

Apple, Shazam, and thousands of other brands rely on Botsify to improve their discussions with clients on a multi-channel basis. You can integrate your bot into Slack, Messenger, WordPress, Alexa, and more.


Collect.Chat is a chatbot platform specifically designed for marketers and business leaders who want to convert website visitors into sales. By collecting data on your website, the bot can engage individual users in conversation, and provide information based on their unique browsing habits. You don't need a coding wizard or data engineer to modify this bot. The whole platform works on a drag-and-drop template.

What's more, Collect.Chat also comes with the option to integrate hundreds of apps with your new bot via Zapier. Businesses like Paysack and Airbnb use this service to drive higher conversations, and make sure that they're there for customers 24/7.