Top 10 Customer Service AI Companies

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Throughout 2018 and 2019, customer experience became the ultimate differentiating feature for modern companies.  To stay ahead of the competition, organisations must offer great customer experiences. One of the easiest ways for today’s businesses to meet customer expectations is to make the most of data. Every day, we’re collecting and generating more data than ever before.  Around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are collected each day. Unfortunately, analysing that data manually would be practically impossible. That’s why countless organisations are now relying on artificial intelligence (AI) to do their analytics for them.  According to MIT and Genesys, more than 90% of companies with world-leading levels of customer satisfaction and brand recognition use AI to improve customer experiences. The question is, which organisations are leading the way in customer service AI for 2020?

IBM Watson

IBM is the company behind the Watson assistant – an IVR system and NLP technology that changes the way modern companies interact with their customers. According to IBM, the Watson Assistant could reduce the need for today’s consumers to speak with human agents when they need to solve problems quickly.  IBM Watson is one of the most advanced customer service solutions in the AI environment, offering both text-to-speech and speech-to-text interactions. Additionally, the Voice Gateway provided by IBM allows for easy access to the latest intelligent solutions in the IBM marketplace. 

Amazon Web Services

Amazon isn’t just a substantial online merchant anymore; the company is also one of the world’s top providers of intelligent solutions. In particular, Amazon Web Services has spent the last couple of years investing heavily into machine learning (ML) and AI. Today, the AI and ML technology of Amazon’s systems offer access to everything that today’s companies need to make their customer service smarter.  Amazon Web Services offers enterprise services that range from Amazon Lex, with deep learning and NLP functionalities, to Amazon Polly. Amazon Polly turns text into lifelike speech so companies can create intelligent virtual assistants. There’s also Amazon machine learning available for in-depth business insights too. 

Verint Next IT

Verint Next IT offers conversational AI software to companies across the globe. This software helps businesses of all sizes deliver better customer service and reduce costs with NLP-based chatbots. The machine learning technologies available from Next IT help the brand create custom-made chatbots for the businesses that they work with.  Rather than getting a one-size-fits-all chatbot solution to upgrade your customer experience framework, you get a chatbot that’s trained according to your individual needs. The AI then integrates readily into your business website and back-end by the time that it’s handed over to your IT experts. 


IPSoft help brands of all sizes avoid the headaches of searching for a developer to create their own chatbot from scratch. The Amelia bot from IPSoft has been rated as the most capable virtual agent in the intelligence market.  With Amelia, companies from all industries, ranging from retail and banking to healthcare and insurance, can upgrade the conversations that they have with customers. Brands can also use the information gathered by Amelia to make better decisions about future tech investments. 


Observe.AI is an intelligence-focused company that’s committed to making every agent in the call centre more informed and efficient. With intelligence voice AI in the form of Agent Assist, agents in the contact centre can work more efficiently. The intelligent platform provides agents with real-time feedback on customer sentiment and offers guidance into the next best action steps delivered during each customer call.  Observe.AI can also listen to the call stream as it happens in real time through technology such as NLP and deep learning to understand the context of the discussion. In turn, it can offer agents suggestions in real time to improve the customer experience. 


Persado concentrates on using the power of words and the right marketing language to connect with customers. The Persado product offers natural language generation from an AI-enhanced message machine that breaks marketing creative down into specific elements. The machine then applies leading algorithms to your content to make sure that you’re driving the right message online through your brand voice. Persado’s AI constantly learns and improves, getting insights from your business about how your marketing resonates with different audiences. This unique approach to customer service AI will help companies to enhance not just their marketing collateral, but their ability to create chatbots, FAQs, and agent scripts for customer contact centres too. 


A reliable and well-trusted AI company, CognitiveScale delivers products for a wide range of business purposes. With CognitiveScale, you can analyse business intelligence to make more informed decisions about the future of your organisation. There’s also the option to use tools like Cortex Fabric from CognitiveScale to build "Trust as a Service” into your platform. CognitiveScale serves businesses from a variety of different verticals, including insurance, healthcare, and digital commerce. What's more, it helps with providing information about everything from customer acquisition techniques to highlighting engagement opportunities. Customers of CognitiveScale include Macy’s, NBC, P&G, and Exxon. 


Greendeck is an AI company that’s all about giving businesses access to the in-depth information they need to make the right decisions for their customers. With Greendeck, you can keep a close eye on other brands, retailers, and consumers to get a better understanding of trends and preferences in your industry. The more actionable information you can tap into, the easier it is to differentiate yourself when it comes to great customer service.  To provide exceptional business insights, Greendeck collects data from over 9,000 brands and retailers and uses AI NLP and image recognition to classify data into subcategories for each brand.

Digital Genius

Digital Genius is another relatively new company in the AI for customer service market. In particular, the brand offers software intended to help businesses automate repetitive customer support inquiries. Digital Genius can also assist human agents with answering customer questions through natural language processing (NLP). Furthermore, Digital Genius offers access to chatbot functionalities that gives every human agent their own digital assistant.  Digital Genius automatically pulls possible responses to customer questions based on historical records. Then, it sends useful suggestions to agents in real time. The chatbots can also take over repetitive work for their human counterparts when necessary. The service works seamlessly with Salesforce, Zendesk, and other leading CRM solutions. 


Dragonfly only recently joined the AI market in 2018. The brand focuses on providing AI solutions that analyse customer attention in stores. Through two separate AI systems, Dragonfly helps businesses determine which features are recognised by customers first. In turn, they can deliver more effective marketing and promotional campaigns.  Dragonfly focuses on serving customers in industries such as the government, agencies, and the developer landscape. Though the company is still in its initial stages, it’s gained a lot of attention from brands that want to learn more about how clients interact with their stores, products, and physical environments.