Ask the Expert: Pete Hirsch, CTO at BlackLine

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Ask the Expert: Pete Hirsch, CTO at BlackLine

This week's Ask the Expert is with Pete Hirsch, CTO at BlackLine. BlackLine develops cloud-based solutions to automate and control the entire financial close process. At the company, Pete is responsible for their product and technology groups, including product management, engineering, data centres and cloud operations, and enterprise IT. Pete also has experience in building, transforming, and operating large-scale cloud software businesses in fintech and procurement.

In this episode, Pete explores trust in data and artificial intelligence (AI). Furthermore, he delves into the need for greater transparency and the cost of errors. Firstly, however, he outlines the role that AI plays in Blackline's services, before discussing how we get to a point where people can trust data and utilise it correctly. Finally, Pete shares his thoughts for the future.

"Automation is very important in reducing the overall errors"

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