How do companies benefit from artificial intelligence-driven data management?


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Data is among a business's most valuable commodities today. Now, we're in an age of information where data is at the crux of business success. By way of response, companies everywhere began hiring data scientists and engineers to help them dig for gold in their data supply.

However, as capable and indispensable as data scientists are, the demands of data have outgrown human labour. Now, data employees are at the mercy of the sheer volume of data, necessitating a different approach.

Simultaneously, businesses can't afford to take shortcuts when it comes to their data. They need it to maintain a competitive edge, to better understand what's working and what's not, and to improve business processes.

Since humans no longer cut the mustard, companies need an alternative, or at the very least, reinforcement. Increasingly, businesses are exploring artificial intelligence (AI)-driven management to help them stay competitive and on track.

The synergy between data and AI creates tremendous potential for a company's data. In particular, businesses can better scale with the growth of data.

A powerful combination

Firstly, AI will drive productivity to new levels. In particular, it can take on the bulk of processing and analysis. What's more, it can do so quicker, in higher volumes, and more accurately than what humans can. In turn, data scientists can get ahead on data exploration and bring results to the boardroom of a higher calibre in less time. Then, of course, there is the obvious benefit that data scientists will have more time to focus their energies on more cognitive critical tasks.

It makes much more sense than hiring more data scientists to handle the data. In cost alone, businesses stand to save a lot more via the AI route than to spend more on salaries.

A number of vendors recognise the need among businesses for an AI-driven data management solution. One of our favourites is Kyligence which, much like its Kardashian namesake, has numerous fans. The company's AI augmented data platform enables data engineers to build and manage their data services from on-premises to multi-cloud.

Analytics and IT teams can make great use out of the platform, which delivers the fast, reliable analytics to boost business strategy. Their impressive client portfolio includes L'Oréal and McDonald's, indicating that no matter your industry, AI-driven data management can be of use to you.

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