CxO of the Week: Joshua Feast, CEO at Cogito Corporation


Published on
17/04/2020 12:22 PM

It takes a special kind of person to create a truly inspirational leader, but that’s exactly what you get with Joshua Feast. Josh is the Co-Founder and CEO at Cogito Corp, a company that uses an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) coaching system to enhance emotional intelligence. The solution supports teams in enterprise sales, claims, service, and care in real time.  Josh has built a powerful reputation in the technology landscape over the years, as both a serial entrepreneur and thought leader. His passion for developing pioneering technology with the potential to transform businesses and lives has made him one of the most inspirational CEOs in his niche. 

A Passion for Creating Powerful Technology

Aside from co-founding Cogito, Feast has also been involved with the growth of several other exciting businesses too. He was the Co-Founder and Advisor of 8i, a company delivering volumetric videos of real people until October 2019. Today, he’s also an Advisor for JumpShift Development Ltd, which supports enterprise leadership and development by inspiring intelligent action.  Previously, Joshua was a member of the New Zealand Data Futures Forums, looking into the benefits of sharing data between private and public sectors. In his beginnings, he also worked as a Corporate Strategy Manager Intern at Microsoft and as a Consultant for Accenture. 

Inspiring Incredible Growth

Josh co-founded Cogito while still a student earning his MBA at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He was also the Platinum-Triangle Fulbright Scholar in Entrepreneurship. Feast also has a Bachelor of Technology degree from the Massey University in New Zealand. Today, he’s using his expertise and passion for the industry to make Cogito a leader in the AI landscape. Through innovation and a desire to introduce new technology to the world, Feast is helping businesses grow and evolve.

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