Omada: The Definitive Guide to Identity Governance and Administration Best Practice Processes

Published on
01/03/2022 04:09 PM

This book aims to inform CISOs, Security Managers, IT Directors, and those with direct or indirect interest in cybersecurity how adopting the IdentityPROCESS+ framework will help them successfully deploy and maintain an IGA solution to realize the security, compliance, and efficiency benefits they need to run their business.

It provides an overview of the challenges organizations face when looking to embrace digitization to gain a competitive advantage and introduces the different aspects of IGA. It looks at the potential challenges related to implementing IGA projects and explains how implementing best practice processes helps organizations manage identities and access rights throughout an employee’s career, ensuring good governance, managing user access in hybrid IT environments, aligning identity management with the business, and protecting critical digital assets before and after a potential breach has been identified.

It also details the seven process areas that make up our IdentityPROCESS+ best practice process framework, to provide a technical-level understanding. The operation of each process is explained with implementation best practices, key stakeholder involvement, pre-analysis questions, and key recommendations, to help to secure a successful IGA project.