How to Safeguard Against the Expanded Threat Landscape with Strong Authentication and Access Management

Published on
14/07/2021 04:48 PM

The last few years have brought significant changes in the cyber threat landscape. The key factors driving these changes were the historically unique, abrupt transformation forces released by the coronavirus pandemic and the continuous increasing trend in the advanced adversary capabilities of threat actors. It is important to note that the latter amplified the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in an increasingly connected world.

This whitepaper explores the evolving attack vectors to user identity and access controls. It examines how strong authentication can mitigate these threats, looking at the principles, constraints and considerations that organisations can adopt in strengthening their security policies. Learn how Thales SafeNet Trusted Access can enable organisations to protect enterprise applications and scale securely in the cloud, with a broad range of authentication capabilities, while ensuring security with smart single-sign-on and policy-driven access controls.