Darktrace: Augmenting Your Security Team with AI-Driven Investigations

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Cyber-threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated at a time when the cyber security industry is facing a skill shortage. Overstretched security teams grapple with legacy security tools that look to the past to predict today’s threat, while advanced and novel cyber-threats continue to slip through.  

Darktrace Cyber AI Analyst buys time for security teams by automatically investigating and reporting on security incidents – reducing time to triage by 92%. Combining human analyst intuition with the speed and scalability of AI, this technology mimics human thought processes, amalgamating disparate security events into an auto-generated, human-readable report that can be actioned in minutes –  allowing teams to focus their expertise where it really matters. 

 Read the report to discover:

  • How Cyber AI augments the human in threat investigations
  • A real-world AI investigation of an APT41 attack
  • Four more threats missed by legacy tools but detected and investigated by AI

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