Sensei Labs: Transformation Transformed

Published on
13/06/2022 10:37 AM

Enterprise transformation is an indication that something isn't right in your business.

Using the same work model and tools that got you to your current state of needing transformation - to actually drive change - isn't a real solution. 

YOUR NEW OPTION: Learn how other enterprises are implementing a new transformation delivery model that you an easily start today and evolve as your business matures.

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How to improve execution of your most critical initiatives

In this 30-minute webinar, we explore the difference between legacy transformation delivery and Enterprise Orchestration, and we'll share examples of how organizations around the world are embracing Enterprise Orchestration for sustained transformation success. 

Things we cover in the webinar:

  • The difference between traditional tech-enablement of transformation and the quickly emerging new way of operating and implementing transformation with Enterprise Orchestration, including specific examples of how leading organizations are making the move to orchestration.
  • Whether you are currently using spreadsheets and presentations or project management tools, with our Enterprise Orchestration Maturity Model, learn how you can get started today to evolve to what's next.

  • How enterprise orchestration’s ‘start fast and evolve’ approach will deliver both immediate near and long-term strategic and financial benefits.

Register for the webinar here: Transformation Transformed-How to improve execution of your most critical initiatives (