Security Weaknesses in Data in Motion Identified in Cybersecurity Survey

Published on
22/06/2021 11:28 AM

Today’s exponential growth in the volumes of data in motion over networks, ever increasingly sophisticated and state sponsored cybercrime, combined with the use of outdated legacy approaches to protecting network data, reveal serious cybersecurity issues that need to be addressed. As data network infrastructure is the on-ramp for all organisations’ connectivity, the threats to intellectual property, government secrets, sovereignty, citizen identities and critical national infrastructure have never been greater.

This report highlights the need for organisations to take an informed and comprehensive strategic approach to protecting their network data in motion. Not all encryption solutions are the same – they vary in degree of security, impact on network performance and hidden operational overhead costs. Decision-makers must move from legacy approaches that were not designed for today’s complex networks and security requirements. Network architectures, applications, cyber-threats and types of increasingly sophisticated cyber-criminals have changed dramatically. These changes demand purpose-built, dedicated and cryptographic agile encryption appliances to ensure future-proof long-term data security.