Top 7 Reasons Why Industry Leaders Moved to the Cloud

Top 7 Reasons Why Industry Leaders Moved to the Cloud


Today's Organizations are Under Massive Pressure

Chances are your organization is currently challenged by change and disruption, and you need a solution to help your business become strategically agile, resilient, and responsive to any kind of disruption.

Maybe you're experiencing challenges like:

  • Legacy systems that don't meet the demands of modern financial transactions & operations.
  • Your data is outdated & you can't use analytics to make decisions. 
  • Your infrastructure is too complicated & your systems are disaggregated.  
  • Employee performance & morale are low. 
  • Too many manual processes.
  • Lack of real-time data so you can't monitor processes in real-time or innovate quickly. 

Be More a More Resilient Company 

Organizations are focusing on becoming more resilient now because it supports fast recovery, helps them adjust to continuous change, prepare for disruption, boost efficiency, and reimagine ways of working.

Cloud is the key.

This technology helps businesses address critical challenges, like quickly pivoting their business model and coping with urgent needs while preparing for further changes, so they can develop operational and financial resilience and better respond to disruption. 

7 global leading organizations have used cloud to do exactly that:

  • Zoom
  • Lloyd's Banking Group
  • Albelli
  • Western Digital
  • Argo Group
  • Cohu
  • Inland Revenue

You can understand the challenges they faced, what steps they took to transform, why they acted quickly, and how to apply these learnings to accelerate organizational resilience in your own organization.

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It's Possible to Use Cloud to Transform in Mere Months

Check out some highlights from Argo Group:

Argo group is a $1.8 billion dollar publicly traded company, and even they had major problems with employee morale. 

Their systems were disparate, and workflows were overly complicated and frustrating, resulting in long hours.

With a fully integrated cloud solution, the company has experienced amazing results:

  • Data quality & accessibility is greatly improved. 
  • They can manage complex regulatory & insurance environments.
  • They are more competitive in the market. 
  • They have a fully integrated accounting, reporting, and planning system. 

They transformed employee culture in 4 months. 

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