Jonathan Care

Jonathan Care is an expert in the field of Cybersecurity & Fraud Detection and is a Fellow of the British Computer Society. He regularly advises cybersecurity industry leaders on strategic growth and has worked with key figures in industry and government across the globe. He has also testified in court as an expert witness and forensic investigator.

Mr Care served as a Senior Director Analyst at Gartner until 2022, accumulating 33 years of industry experience. During his service he was a top-rated analyst, responsible for defining the Fraud market, and lead Gartner’s Insider Threat and Risk research.

Prior to his stint at Gartner, Mr Care worked as a Security Engineer at Sun Microsystems for two years, a Senior Consulting Manager at Verisign for two years, and in Product Risk Research at Visa Europe for four years.

Mr Care holds several industry accolades and certifications, including as a Certified Fraud Examiner, PCI DSS Qualified Forensic Investigator, PCI DSS Qualified Security Assessor, PCI Payment Applications Qualified Security Assessor, U.K. Government Accredited Penetration Tester, and U.K. Government Listed Security Advisor.

Mr Care is a writer for Dark Reading and publishes a newsletter on Cyberwarfare, Espionage & Extortion.

In addition to his cybersecurity career, Mr Care is also an independent composer and songwriter, producing tracks for film/TV productions as well as streaming works. His music studio is based in Ancora, Portugal.