Avinash Kahar

With over eight years of work experience, I am a web designing expert and entrepreneur who founded and lead Toriox, a company that provides innovative software solutions and services. Prior to Toriox, I founded Genvictus, another software company that I successfully ran for four years. I also have experience in IT recruitment, market research, and customer service, having worked for Ampcus, Friends Enterprises, H&B Infotech, and Virgo BPO Services. I have a bachelor's degree in business/commerce and a certification in web designing. My core competencies include developing and managing software projects, sourcing and screening candidates, conducting market analysis, and delivering excellent customer service. I am passionate about creating and delivering value to clients and stakeholders, leveraging my skills and expertise in web designing, IT recruitment, and market research. I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow as a professional and a leader.