Shoghi Bagul

As a Senior Designer at Tcules, a UX design studio, I create user-centric and engaging interfaces for web and mobile applications. I am involved in conducting UX research, generating insights, and design low and high fidelity wireframes that have improved user retention, optimised conversion rate and satisfaction rates for our clients in various domains such as Healthcare, Fintech, eCommerce, Market Research, News & media and email marketing.

I am also the Co-founder and Principal Visual Designer of dot zero three, a multidisciplinary design studio that offers services in visual design, environmental graphics, editorial and publication design, strategy design, UI/UX design, web development, interior design, planning and architecture, and systems design. I have a Master of Design degree in Graphic Design from National Institute of Design, and I have been involved in projects that have enhanced the brand identity, visibility, and impact of our clients, such as Mahal Eco Tourism Campsite, a sustainable and eco-friendly tourism initiative in Gujarat. I am an illustrative designer who believes in giving creativity a voice. I am fascinated by the art and culture of different communities and how they influence my design choices. I am a self-learner and a team player who adapts to the new trends and challenges in the design industry. I am passionate about using my skills and expertise in UX/UI design to create social change and empower communities.