Mostafa Razzak

Award-winning technology influencer, communications, public affairs and integrated marketing professional of more than twenty-five years, with a track record of providing organizations large and small with the expertise and guidance to enter new markets, gain marketshare, and establish leadership positions.

I have had the privilege of working alongside several truly brilliant colleagues, including White House cabinet members, Fortune 500 CEOs, VC and private equity investors, as well as PR and marketing executives universally regarded as industry pioneers. From this diverse group of mentors, I learned a great deal about creativity, strategic thinking, conviction and humility.

"25 years in communications and technology has taught me that for campaigns to be effective, messages must to not only reach influencers, but also resonate across multiple channels to impact opinions. Shaping Influence Worldwide® our trademarked, 360-degree approach to Influencer Communications was born from that realization."

Expertise in AI, blockchain, cloud, data analytics, enterprise IT and comms, digital marketing, fintech, food-tech, IoT, managed IT services, Smart City, social, sports AI and analytics.