Aparna Sundararajan

Aparna Sundararajan worked extensively in advising the global C-suite on technology-led innovation and business models.

She also tracked and analysed the rise of digital technologies such as AI, Cloud and data analytics, and blockchain and transformation in cyber security technologies.

She is passionate about the evolution of human-machine interaction and the resulting new socio-economic ecosystems.

After accumulating 15 years of experience in IT research and advisory as an analyst, most of it with Gartner, Aparna focuses on the best ways to utilise a broad range of technologies and identify potential risks and solutions for organisational leaders.

"I believe that the first step to solving any problem is asking the right questions. In the information technology industry, we are at a juncture where we ask challenging questions and also question the existing notions about the technology itself."

Aparna is excited to join EM360 to enable further conversations and instigate thinking around technology-enabled growth and change.