Dana Gardner

Beginning as a journalist and editor in global technology industry news in 1993, over time Dana Gardner evolved into a research and analysis specialist with practical insights into the rapidly advancing world of internet infrastructure and related software development platforms. By 2005, he was eager to apply this expertise by founding a project-based media concern, Interarbor Solutions, LLC, that pioneered a sponsored, multi-media content development business model, specifically for podcast and social media distribution of IT success stories.

But high-quality content on-target and on-budget alone are not enough for superior business outcomes and marketing impact. By adding Dana Gardner’s global social media audience of 17,000 Twitter and 177,000 LinkedIn followers to the mix means powerful exposure and influence of IT success stories to enterprise IT decision-makers the world over.

From a unique perch at the intersection of IT market analysis, online content production, and social influence, Dana Gardner delivers powerful digital business transformation insights.

The culmination of 30 years of tracking IT advances and disruption -- and 38 years of interviewing some of the smartest people in their IT fields — allows Dana Gardner to generate compelling digital content on what works best as businesses struggle with transformation. Such experience also generates process innovation and efficiency to produce a continuous stream of content – now at 850-plus over 17 years on how-to IT and security success stories – quickly and affordably.

Today Dana Gardner’s media competencies span the areas of content planning and production, penetrating interviews, marketing prowess, and social distribution. Specifically, services include market analysis, content strategy consulting, and rapid and steady full-service production of on-target digital B2B content.