Ken Lodge

Ken, at an early age founded SIP International in 1983 in the UK. SIP rapidly expanded within a few years, undertaking globally, complex investigations, intelligence operations, counter-intelligence, Ward of Court child recoveries etc. Clients covered a broad spectrum including HNW individuals, Banks, Corporations and several UK and Foreign Government Agencies.

Ken over the years, has gained a wealth of experience in complex international cross-jurisdiction frauds, extortion, white collar & cyber-crimes. He also engages with legal teams, as a litigation strategist as with his approach and the evidence SIP uncovered. It has resulted clients in winning cases recovering £/$100's of millions, much of which had been concealed by individuals through a complex infrastructure of offshore entities, some using falsified documentation.

For logistics and growth, SIP International has for over a decade had its HQ in Dubai. Although, now with physical offices and teams based in the UK, USA & Bahamas, plus a network of established specialist operatives, our global capability is second to none.

Ken keeps pace with the changing technology that is vital to global investigations, intelligence and security. Therefore, there is now a number of companies within the SIP International Group that engage in different specialities, including but not limited to the design and development of AI Augmented Secured Ecosystems, Intelligence & Defensive Cyber-Labs, Computer & Network Forensics, E-Discovery, Online Reputation Management & Branding etc.

At SIP we concentrate on developing a pragmatic, implementable and exclusively designed for intelligence, security assessments, or physical security services for our clients. SIP’s Specialist’s credentials in these areas derive from former U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Services, U.S. Special Operations, as well other UK Agency Departments. This high level of calibre of personnel, who have all-encompassing proficiency evaluating myriad of threats, and exposures that potentially confront individuals, or establishments and their essential security agendas; both domestically and abroad. We provide meticulous assessments on a wide range of variables predicated on an analysis of risks, threats and vulnerabilities, and the consequences these present to existing abilities and processes.

Ken, ensures that assignments undertaken are dealt with professionally and the client receives the best possible service to achieve their objectives. Confidentially & loyalty is maintained to serve its clients long-term.