Top 5 Tech Startups from Future Worlds

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It seems that as the years pass by, we only come closer to living in a future world. In this week’s episode of Emerge5, we’re looking at the University of Southampton’s Future Worlds program which showcased some of the most exciting tech startups at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.


Anybody who has completed archaeology assessments will know how time consuming they can be. Despite being vital to reducing costs in the construction market, they often take 6-12 months to complete. ArchAI trains their artificial intelligence to automatically detect archaeology sites, thus dramatically reducing assessment time. The high accuracy of this tech startup's assessments also decreases the risk of destroying potential historical sites  and saves money. 


Electricity bills are expensive, and relying on non-renewable energy sources can be detrimental to our environment. Luckily, Absolar has the answer. Using advanced data analytics and machine learning, this tech startup creates 3D models of entire cities to accurately simulate solar radiation on building surfaces. Taking into account how much shadow each spot is covered by at each time of the year, Absolar shows you the best places to deploy solar panels. 


Using automation to reduce our carbon footprint might just be the next big breakthrough in tackling climate change thanks to Emitwise. By using machine learning to automatically process and analyse your data, this tech startup is able to save you time and resources, allowing you to focus on reducing your carbon emissions. It also automatically generates reports, helping you to comply with auditing and disclosure systems. Not only is Emitwise good for the earth, but it allows you to reap the business benefits of sustainability leadership. 

Aquark Technologies

Aquark Technologies are reducing costs in quantum engineering. In the last 5 years, we have seen $150 million raised in Europe towards quantum technologies, however most of this money was directed towards software. The problem is that most companies are using a cold atom system that is power hungry and expensive to run. This startup has created a miniaturised cold atom system that could dramatically cut company expenditure and open up new possibilities in the world’s biggest markets. 

Sentient Sports

Love sports? Love data. Sentient Sports creates algorithms based on statistics collected about team chemistry, fantasy sports games and betting to predict how well a player will perform in a new team and how well they will fit in with their teammates. This clever tech startup has found a way to directly impact the sports market, improving the quality of each game and bringing in results to some of our favourite teams.