Top 10 CMOs you’ll find in the marketplace of success

Published on
13/12/2019 07:38 AM

Keith Weed - Unilever

Keith has been the Marketing and Communications Officer for Unilever for nearly a decade, which doesn’t even start to fully show his impressive resumé. Since finding this new position Keith has dedicated himself to integrating sustainability with the business, particularly in spearheading the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan.

Keith championed the 3Vs during his time at Unilever: Viewability, Verification and Value. On top of this, Keith has also been a huge advocate for tackling stereotypes and pushing gender equality in the workplace. All this and more has meant numerous awards for Keith, including Forbes naming him the most influential CMO in 2017 and 2018.

Linda Boff - GE

As the CMO of GE, Linda is able to fuse her passion for all things digital with the finer aspects of marketing. Learning how to better advertise and promote products, every single approach to being a better marketer can benefit highly from technology, and that is why Linda stands out as one of the major CMOs changing the game.

Before her work as a CMO at GE, Linda was an executive director of Global Brand Marketing at GE, a CMO of iVillage Properties, part of the NBC Universal and held senior roles in Citigroup as well as the American Museum of Natural History. It's safe to say her breadth is one that marketing could do with, as it entails an experience that could easily anticipate the needs and demands of several different kinds of customers.

Ann Lewnes - Adobe

Are you a big fan of photoshop, stock images or just good PDF management? If any of those make you think of Adobe there is probably a good chance that Ann was part of the process to make Adobe one of the go-to and desired-for softwares for any of these functions and much more.

Ann is the Executive Vice President and CMO of Adobe, she has been for 12 years. Before that she worked as the VP of Marketing for Intel since 1985, so Ann holds over 30 years of expertise in marketing products out to customers in need of the latest technology and innovations in software.

Kristin Lemkau - JPMorgan Chase

The CMO at JPMorgan Chase for nearly two decades, Kristin is no beginner in the marketing world. A lot of her time in the marketing world as led her to see things with an ever-changing lens, constantly being acutely aware of the transforming landscape of the business and tech world.

In an interview discussing her work, she stated: "I talk to my chief technology officer probably more than anybody else who works for me. I didn't even have a chief technology officer three years ago and I will tell you most marketers today will say this is the thing they spend the most time on that they understand the least."

Chieu Cao - Perkbox

Chieu is the co-founder and CMO over at Perkbox, the UK's fastest growing company dedicated to seeing through better benefits for employees. It is his impeccable talent and eye for placing the right tactic at the right time that has made Perkbox one of the most trusted companies for its consumers.

Cao has previously said: “One of the most important lessons I have learned is that to be successful you have to be really resourceful – don’t expect to be an expert in many things, especially in my field, where technology and circumstances change so fast".

Part of his mantra about being resourceful naturally lends itself to his effective and practical approach with lead generation. To see more on how this works for Perkbox check Chieu out here.

Kelly Bennett - Netflix

Since 2012 Kelly has been building houses of cards, making marketing the new black and running his operation smoother than Pablo Escobar. That's right, Kelly happens to be the lucky CMO of Netflix, where he leads global marketing PR, publicity and social media across more than 150 companies.

Without his ingenious ability to target member growth and helping the launch of entertainment franchises we wouldn't have shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things and Marvel's Daredevil.

Diego Scotti - Verizon

The real E(m)VP! Diego is the Executive Vice President and CMO at Verizon. Diego delivers the promise of the digital world to customers every day, through Verizon's superior network, cutting-edge products and platforms and also their diverse team of people.

As a 20 year marketing veteran, Diego's knowledge lies on a firm bed of experience that leads him through several different projects attempting to innovate, evolve and further Verizon's efficiency for customers all around the world.

Karin Timpone - Marriott

Karin has had a stellar four and a half years as Marriott International's Global Marketing Officer (I guess they can't say GMOs are bad for you anymore!). Mixing the art and science of customer relationships with global brands and platforms to move the hotel chain forward and above.

Working in accommodation, Karin spreads her abilities to interact with consumer goods, entertainment and digital media. All of these are areas she has had much experience in as well, having been the Senior Vice President for Digital Media at Disney and the Head of Marketing over at Yahoo!.

Karen Walker - Cisco

Karen is both analytical and creative, which means her position at Cisco is as much about figures and numbers as it is about making those numbers last through emotion, story telling and real engagement.

As Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, she leads the marketing and communications team to inspire people, advocate for Cisco and support growth strategies. Karen's spot here is a well-earned one particularly for her belief of putting the customer at the centre of everything the company does.

Diana O'Brien - Deloitte

For over 30 years Diana's life and career has gained much from the diverse experiences she underwent. In her job today, Diana works to be the best Global CMO she can be by working to align marketing with Deloitte's global strategy and brand purpose.

Much of what makes CMO work difficult (yet exciting) is understanding how one has to invest in the future. Being asked to reinvent marketing and drive growth for the US by Deloitte, Diana takes on this challenge every single day by looking onwards to what is needed and what is wanted in the future.