Top 10 Unified Communications experts you should communicate with right this instant

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David Danto - IMCCA

David is an AV, collaboration, multimedia, telepresence and video leader. His work with IMCCA alongside many other prominent companies (JPMorgan to name one) has earned him the repute he has today as a unified communications genius.

He has a blog site which features articles on different technologies, understanding what trends to accept and reject and the idea of 'smarter working' through efficient and reasonable decision-making. David's love of pushing forward the right approaches with the right collaboration technologies has made him an educational leader of sorts, which we think all experts in their field should aspire to be like.

Perry Nalevka - Penguin Strategies

The CEO at Penguin Strategies, Perry works hard to help startups and companies find their road to growth. His team of tech marketers help B2B tech companies with everything from cybersecurity, Cloud, IT infrastructure, manufacturing and telecom technologies. This has also lead to Perry achieving one of the fastest growing Hubspot agencies ever, reaching diamond in less than two years.

For 15 years Perry has been a leader or even co-founder to many startups, including REGED, Bolt, MobileMax, OpenLegacy, Daitan Group, IPGallery and, of course, Penguin Strategies. This is all made possible by the numerous skills he has, including social media marketing and automation, marketing automation technology, inbound and product marketing and lead generation. There's nothing the man can't do.

Jaymie Scotto Cutaia - Jaymie Scotto & Associates

Jaymie is the founder and CEO over at Jaymie Scotto & Associates (quite a catchy title). She oversees all aspects of the company and its activities, so her eyes and ears must be everywhere at all times, picking up on finance, marketing, public relations, events and product execution challenges.

Jaymie is also the CEO and founder of The CEO Exchange, a networking platform and app that focuses on telecom, technology and content provider ecosystems. Her experience prior to both these things spans in television production, marketing director roles and public relations. It seems that before becoming the big boss, Jaymie first focused on covering all the bases in order to be confident in every single sector of her companies. Hats off to her!

Elka Popova - Frost & Sullivan

Elka is a communication technology analyst whose insights have taken her to the moon and beyond, the moon being a metaphor for the Vice President and Senior Fellow of Digital Transformation role over at Frost & Sullivan. Her understanding of unified communications, unified messaging, enterprise FMC, IP telephony endpoints and enterprise gateways are something to look out for in her communications solutions.

Before ending up in the VP role she was climbing up the Frost & Sullivan ladder, first as an Industry Analyst, then an Industry Manager and later as a Global Program Director of Unified Communications. In all her time at Frost & Sullivan, Elka built up more and more of her information and responsibilities, to the point where she is now overseeing digital transformation all over, ensuring everyone is more than equipped for the tech world's impacts on business.

Roque Espinal-Valdez - DN Telehealth

Stylised 'Roque E.' on LinkedIn because he probably loves the Rocky films, Roque is the co-founder and CEO of DN Telehealth, as well as a clinical information Officer-Advisor for WELL, Inc. Similar to another person in a recent Top 10, David Chou, Roque focuses the use of his knowledge to help technologically push health sectors forward in what he terms as Digital Health Solutions.

Roque's pragmatism has allowed for the passing of programs under the strictest of compliance standards, such as WICO, FDA, SOX HIPAA and other regulatory requirements. His strategies are able to take on any measure of caution designed by companies, always guaranteeing a profitable move forward.

Julie Hall-Barrow - Children's Health System of Texas

The Vice President of Virtual Health and Innovation over at Children's Health System of Texas, it seems like Julie is the perfect follow up to the previous person in our list, both being passionate about helping health sectors and innovating ways to keep people safe and well.

For the past 17 years and even now Julie continues to provide consulting services for Telehealth programs that may save lives. She has been published in peer-reviewed journals in the areas of health promotion, wellness and telemedicine. Which is great stuff!

Blair Pleasant -

18 years of experience have made this independent industry analyst a top go-to for market insights in the eyes of end users and vendor clients. Blair looks into competitive analysis, white papers, case studies and proprietary and syndicated research in unified communications to innovate the lives and experiences of all tech users and business people working with tech.

Blair is the co-founder of, an industry resource for enterprises, vendors and system integrators regarding the unified communications arena. She is also the president and principal analyst over at COMMfusion, meaning she spearheads two different projects that provide insights, help and consultancy to anyone who is seeking to get clued up on unified communications.

Evan Kirstel - EviraHealth

Yet another hardworking person looking to help sick people in need, Evan is the Chief Digital Evangelist and co-founder of the globally-connected B2B experts ElviraHealth, a trusted social media partner to clients across the health tech landscape. Evan helps enable startups to get noticed by people looking for those specific services, putting people and companies in search of each other together to leave the fairy tale of treatment with a happy ending.

On top of this, Evan is a social media business strategist and advisor over at, a nifty little site that has been mentioned before here. To see a short summary of the co-founder of that site, another unified communications expert, check it out in this completely different article.

Apurva Chamaria - RateGain

A man who needs no introduction but whose introduction is a list of impressive titles: Chief Revenue Officer at RateGain, best-selling author, top 10 Angel Investor, Ex-Head of Marketing at HCL Technologies.

RateGain is a leading SaaS provider to travel and hospitality sectors, giving people the consultancy needed to best provide for travellers and visitors in need of getting away or coming and going. When it comes to SaaS, knowing your tools and technologies is crucial, meaning one must hone their understanding of tech to a profitable and extremely efficient extent.

Mark Roberts – ShoreTel

CMO of ShoreTel and previously the VP of Marketing for Mitel, Mark specialises in understanding the unified communications marketplace through his understanding of sales force and marketing alignment. Knowing about branding, the flux of business interests and acquisitions of all kinds, Mark takes all experiences he can to push his knowledge further.

With his hand in unified communications and marketing, the two can converge to constantly innovate how one drives customer engagement and opportunity, giving Mark the benefit of approaching technologies through a more business-minded eye as well as through a tech-savvy path.