Sean Ellis is the founder and CEO of GrowthHackers, a company that helps teams work together to drive breakout growth results for “must have” products and services. From the company spurred his book, Hacking Growth, published by Crowd Business, which is a division of Penguin Random House. The book is a guideline to drive breakout growth hacking, helping companies transform for the sake of innovative and effective development.

Sean’s History

Sean’s professional story began in the halls of the University of California, doing a BA in International Relations. Eventually he made his way up to courses in New York University and even Harvard University, studying advertising and strategic marketing management. Sean joined the Board of Directors at Mavenlink around 2011, then founding and becoming the CEO of Qualaroo, a leading voice of customer solution for online platforms. After being acquired in 2016, it was time for Sean to found GrowthHackers, moving from customer solution to helping businesses thrive and in many more aspects.

How does one hack growth?

According to Sean, a marketer can only realise the potential of a product, as one is never able to move beyond that potential without leaving the montisable dimensions of said product. To hack growth there is a demand that needs to be listened to, processes that can be followed and what kind of nurturing techniques can be applied to business ideas so that they do not go to waste or do not become inefficient.

How can GrowthHackers help?

GrowthHackers can track customer value, identify opportunities that are not being explored and align organisations to ensure the biggest impacts. Under their product, NorthStar, GrowthHackers help you develop your backlog of ideas, prioritise those ideas to execute them effectively and grant you an automatic report that can align your results easily. Building your company has never been so simple.