Rubrik launches ‘industry’s first’ SaaS platform for data management applications

Published on
12/12/2019 01:47 PM

Cloud data management company Rubrik has launched what it claims is the “industry’s first SaaS platform for data management applications”.

The company says Rubrik Polaris “revolutionises the data management market”, specifically in areas such as backup and recovery, as well archiving. It does this by providing a global policy framework, workflow orchestration, and “deep data intelligence” as cloud-delivered applications. Rubrik says the digital transformation of business is bringing significant data and application “explosion” challenges to the enterprise. Additionally, as many companies implement cloud-first policies and explore multi-cloud approaches, data becomes increasingly decentralised across disconnected locations and services. In order for enterprises to retain control, implement governance, and meet compliance goals, a new breed of data management applications based on a unified system of record is needed to secure and manage data and applications across data centres and clouds. Rubrik says Polaris represents the next giant leap in the company’s evolution as a cloud data management company. The Polaris SaaS platform creates a unified system of record for business information across all enterprise applications running in data centres and clouds, says Rubrik. The system of record includes native search, workflow orchestration, and a global content catalogue, which are exposed through an open API architecture. Rubrik expects developers to use these APIs to deliver high-value data management applications for data policy, control, security, and deep intelligence. These applications are designed to address the challenges of risk mitigation, compliance, and governance within the enterprise. Rubrik co-founder and CEO, Bipul Sinha, says: “What is so unique about Rubrik Polaris is that it delivers a single system of record across all business information. “We are delivering a new class of data management applications that will allow enterprises, for the first time, to address all segments of the business for compliance, governance, and security.” Rubrik recently said that its global bookings run rate was approaching $300 million due to the “record pace” of adoption in large enterprises worldwide. The company says its customer base has quadrupled year-on-year and employee count has trebled.

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