Welcome to Snailbrook - Elon's new AI utopian town!

Published on
16/03/2023 10:16 AM

New photos have been obtained regarding the first images of 'Snailbrook', Elon Musk's Texas AI utopia for SpaceX, and Boring employees.

After leaving California, Musk is developing a village on the outskirts of Austin, where he is also building factories for SpaceX and Boring.

There are tiny houses where company employees can reside for $800 per month, significantly below the increasing local market rates.

Key pieces of information of the town include:

  • Musk's community includes 110 homes, two warehouses, a pool, sports court, and putting green.
  • It is around 35 miles outside of Austin and will allow his staff to live and work in the same location.
  • Musk, on the other hand, has promised to bring Tesla back to the state of California after negotiating an agreement with US Governor Gavin Newsom.


But why?

Austin's mayor, Democrat Steve Adler, lasted from 2015 until early this year. Mr Musk asked for reassurance that bureaucracy would not be a hindrance for his projects when he visited him in 2020.

"What he wanted from the city was speed and efficiency," the former mayor told The Wall Street Journal.

Soon after, development on Giga Texas, a Tesla manufacturing plant covering around 2,500 acres in Travis County, which borders Bastrop County, began.


They want it to be a secret...

According to Chap Ambrose, a computer programmer whose home has a view of the new Boring Company and SpaceX sites, it appears that these companies desire secrecy regarding their activities and plans.

Mr. Ambrose shared his observation with The Journal, stating that the companies want to keep their operations under wraps until they are ready to unveil them. Records of county deeds and land ownership indicate that entities associated with Mr. Musk have purchased approximately 3,500 acres of land in the Austin vicinity during the past three years.

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