Barry Flack

Barry Flack is one of the Top 30 Global Influencers in HR Tech (DigitalHRTech), and has just joined the EM360 Advisory Board as an Industry Guru.

Barry is an award-winning HR leader who has been working with organisations, from start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs to large global incumbents, for nearly 30 years, helping them transform to new ways of working.

Additionally, as a long-term, passionate advocate of the positive impact of Workplace Technology, Barry has also advised many emergent HR Tech start-ups on their product roadmaps, go-to-market strategies, how to gain momentum, gain insights about their products, and how to engage with business decision-makers more effectively. He is accredited with Talent Management unicorn Beamery as one of his clients.

And finally, as a recognised and respected practitioner and thought leader in his field, he is a course tutor on HR digital transformation, international keynote speaker, content writer and influencer on people matters in the workplace.

Through his business, Barry Flack Consultancy, established in 2016, he works with CEOs and enlightened SME leadership teams to provide part-time or fractional HR expertise, to help them and their organizations deal with the changing world of work.

By joining EM360 Advisory Board, Barry joins an elite team of thought leaders, industry analysts, and world rank advisors. Our team of advisors are thought leaders in their field and include John Santaferraro, Christina Stathopoulos, Susan Walsh, Doug Laney, Dr. Eric Cole, Richard Stiennon, Brad LaPorte, Jon Arnold, and many more.

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Barry will produce content for EM360 in HR thought leadership and the newest trends in HR.