The Top 10 Best Regression Testing Tools for 2021


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Regression testing is the process of analysing and evaluating the unchanged parts of business systems. The idea is that with these tests, you can ensure any updates to your business operations haven’t led to unexpected side-effects or consequences. 

Running regression tests helps organisations to stay ahead of the curve, even in agile environments where processes are constantly changing. However, to make the most out of this process, teams need access to the correct tools. Today, we’re going to explore ten of the best regression testing tools available for companies right now. 


Created by the SMARTBEAR team, TestComplete is an automated testing UI that helps you to make the most out of all kinds of apps. You can automate UI tests for applications with support for over 500 controls and an intelligent object repository. Not only are the GUI tests through this solution easy to maintain and robust, but they’re highly scalable too. 

TestComplete ensures that you can examine the quality of your application without compromising on things like agility and speed. Parallel regression tests are easy to run with automated builds, and you can achieve unmatched flexibility for testing a variety of mobile, web, and desktop creations in moments. The service is even free to try. 


Promising the perfect combination of speed and agility, Digivante is a compelling performance management and testing company that already supports some of the world’s biggest companies, like WorldPay, the Met Office, and Audi. This company offers regression testing through both non-scripted and scripted tests, with results that take as little as four hours. 

Unlike most website testing companies, Digivante can test the performance of your solutions on a non-live website, which means that constant testing is available throughout the full building and development stage. You can expect professional support for over 440 browser and device combinations, as well as the choice between manual and automated testing. 


Testimony, created by Basis Technologies, is one of the only test automation and DevOps solution platforms that was built exclusively for SAP software. Changing the way that companies approach SAP regression testing, Testimony can achieve comprehensive testing outcomes without the need for any test maintenance or complex scripting systems. 

Once you’re finished configuring the system to suit your needs, the service will use Robotic Test Automation to create a fully up-to-date solution that’s available when you need it. Alongside reducing the cost and complexity of most typical testing measures, Testimony can also help to reduce risk by validating a wider selection of operations and interactions in your business processes. 


Designed to help companies without a lot of coding knowledge, the enterprise-ready test automation system from TestingWhiz makes it quick and easy to examine the functionality of all kinds of apps and systems. There’s the option to re-run failed tests to check what’s going on after an update, and you can share your object repository with other members of staff. 

TestingWhiz automates web, database, and regression testing, so you can handle all of your analysis is one convenient place. All you need to do to start regression testing is record the steps you want to take with the system, add your modifications, and you’ll be ready to go. The no-code editor is straightforward to use. 

Cerberus Testing

One of the few 100% open-source regression testing solutions on the market, the low-code Cerberus Testing system is an excellent automation platform. Suitable for mobile, web, API, database, and desktop testing, Cerberus Testing is available in the cloud, reducing the impact on your business resources. What’s more, the simple interface ensures that anyone can get started in no time. 

A simple and intuitive interface supports all kinds of teams with reusable test modules and fast iterations between tests, execution, and reporting. There’s even the option to execute multiple tests in parallel across a range of environments or build your own testing library for yourself. 

IBM Rational Functional Tester

IBM is one of the better-known technology brands in the world for good reason. The IBM Rational Functional Tester is an automated solution for functionality and regression testing. This convenient software supports a range of automated testing applications for web-based, SAP, Java, Ajax, Adobe Flex, and countless other app designs. 

Users can access everything from simple storyboard testing that simplifies test visualisation, to automated analysis that runs according to your schedule, data-driven testing, and even test scripting. You can integrate the IBM functional tester with the tools you already use too, so it’s much easier to implement it into your business operations. 

Sahi Pro

A test automation system that works with a variety of environments, Sahi Pro helps companies to reimagine their testing process with convenient BDTA frameworks. Companies like Lenovo, Accenture and Siemens use Sahi Pro for enterprise-grade test automation that’s simple to use and learn. This is a test automation tool that understand and reduces your business time to market. 

Offering a single automation tool for multiple technologies, the Sahi Pro solution allows you to code less and accomplish more in cross-browser web applications, Java applets, mobile apps and more. There’s also excellent support and services too. 


Powered by the Selenium team, Watir is a web application testing system that uses the Ruby programming language. If you’re looking for an open-source Ruby library that your team can use to automate tests, this could be the platform for you. With guides and documentation to help get your team started, this lightweight and simple tool appeals to companies from all backgrounds.

The service works best with testing web applications, and it helps companies to design simple and maintainable tests that they can automate according to their regression examination needs. Even big brands like Facebook, Oracle, and SAP use Watir. 


A growing solution for automated regression testing, LEAPWORK allows you to automate your testing strategy from day one with a code-free approach. There’s no need for any initial tech skill to get started, and the service works with all desktop, web and mobile technologies too. You can run your entire suite automatically after each build too. 

LEAPWORK helps to ensure bug-free building and app updating experiences, with a point-and-click automation system that can work for any business. This service integrates with your existing CD and CI pipeline too, so it’s easy to integrate into your existing operations. 


One of the world’s fastest and most intuitive software testing platforms, Subject7 promises an easy solution to agile organisations. With a zero coding platform, anyone can create and execute tests using the immersive system, and the tools work for any application on mobile, web or desktop. Thanks to extensive APIs, you can integrate the system with GitHub, Jenkins, JIRA, and other DevOps platforms for testing automation too. 

Ideal for end-to-end testing in a range of environments, Subject 7 is a convenient cloud-based system that already serves various major US federal agencies, and corporations of all sizes. The platform can even capture video of regression testing successes and failures.