Post Perimeter Security with Aaron Cockerill, CSO of Lookout

Published on
16/12/2019 11:15 AM

What is currently happening the world of security? In the last 10 years, we have seen a gigantic shift in the approach to cybersecurity. While in the past, we would have depended on firewalls in order to constantly protect our data, now there are a multitude of models that are protecting us.

EM360 talks to Aaron Cockerill, CSO of Lookout, to find what they are doing to protect people from the modern world of cyberthreats. Through post-perimeter security, Lookout not only protects data from risks and threats on endpoints but also continuously assesses device health.

"If you look at the security space and the IT infrastructure space right now, there's a lot of companies talking about zero trust and the perimeter disappearing, which is a good thing for corporations and users however a lot of the focus right now has been on how you make those enterprise applications accessible securely over the internet."

What we are left with is an infrastructure that is protected on all fronts. Interested in what threats might be around the corner and how Lookout can protect you? Tune in to this podcast!

"I would encourage companies to to focus on how they're securing or how they're understanding how to deliver a secure connection from endpoints to applications."

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