LeanIX: Moving from project-based thinking to product-based thinking

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Today, many companies are realising the benefit of product-based thinking, allowing them to tailor the process to their key differentiators and gain an advantage over competitors. While project thinking focuses on coming up with solutions up-front and delivering against a schedule, product thinking keeps the focus on the outcome.

In this podcast, Arie van Bennekum speaks to André Christ, CEO and Co-Founder at LeanIX, about this holistic shift in thinking to better align IT and business leadership. André begins the podcast by explaining what drives this movement towards a product-based strategy and what it means for an agile IT organisation. He also provides examples of the challenges organisations will face and how to measure the success of moving to product-based thinking. Finally, André outlines how this impacts enterprise architecture, how to govern it, and what is meant by actionable EA.

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