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EM360° serves as a technology resource to create and deliver engaging content to IT professionals across the globe.

We create, launch and manage demand generation campaigns for some of the world’s top tech companies.

With our broad spectrum of content types, we can put together a campaign that uses rich media and interactive content to encapsulate your message, then with our established content channels we can then broadcast and deliver that message directly to your target audience.

Our experience, reputation and key relationships give us the ability to engineer a successful campaign that not only meets your marketing goals but delivers beyond your expectations.

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We create and deliver

multimedia content in various formats

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Our content channels

broadcastng to CxOs and IT Professionals

Our well-established content channels give us close contact to global IT professionals and leaders:

Digital Magazine

Delivered to over 270,000 global leaders, our digital magazine is available on multiple devices to ensure readers can access your content anytime, anywhere and on any device.


Our website is a trusted source of Tech news. It is also the main channel that delivers the videos, podcasts and hosts the radio station. You will find lots of useful tech tools on the site.


Get your message sent directly to the inboxes of thousands of IT Professionals around the globe, we have separate lists that cover all sectors of tech and can ensure effective email marketing.

Radio & Podcasts

Our internet radio station provides 24/7 content to our listeners and provides a great broadcasting platform for our podcasts, product reviews and features.

and other online networks we broadcast to:


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