Top 10 women in agility making the game easier for you to change

Published on
13/12/2019 07:38 AM

Meri Williams - CTO, Monzo

As an experienced CTO and self-professed "geek", Meri has led and scaled technology organisations in a range of sectors. She is also an expert at scaling up teams, transforming processes, and delivering excellent services while simultaneously optimising costs.

Currently, Meri serves as CTO at the challenger bank and newly crowned tech unicorn Monzo. Alongside her day job, Meri is an author, international speaker, and the co-curator and host of The Lead Developer conference.

Elka Popova - VP, Frost & Sullivan

Elka is the VP and a Senior Fellow for Digital Transformation over at Frost & Sullivan. With 20 years of market analysis and strategic consulting experience, she has an in-depth understanding of market trends and competitive dynamics.

Before becoming VP, Elka was Global Program Director, Unified Communications for 11 years. Elka's invaluable level of insight and knowledge has allowed multiple organisations to stay extremely well informed and ahead of the game.


Carly McNally - CFAO, OneTech

With 7 years of experience in operations, financial, and project management, Carly McNally is an exceptional professional. Currently, she is the Chief Financial and Administrative Officer and Senior ERDF Programmes Manager at Capital Enterprise.

Over almost a decade, McNally has enabled start-ups to thrive. Through her various roles at Virgin StartUp, IDEALondon, and Capital Enterprise she has fostered and cultivated agility and innovation within the tech community.

Kate Strachnyi – Data Visualisation, Deloitte

Kate is not only a “data-cated” professional, she is also committed to transforming the very way we think about data. Alongside her role at Deloitte, she is also an author, host, and data visualisation specialist.

She also founded the video series entitled Humans of Data Science (HoDS), in an attempt to “get to know the individuals behind data science.” In her day job, Kate keeps Deloitte agile by enabling real-time data access to leadership, which in turn leads to quicker insights. 

Cindy Rose - CEO, Microsoft UK

Cindy was appointed UK CEO & Area Vice President in 2016. Since then, she has continued the company's agile transformation into the leading productivity and platform company for the mobile-first, cloud-first era.

Earlier this month, Cindy announced the launch of the Microsoft AI Academy which will allow Microsoft to train its existing staff, including herself. She insisted that the company’s new ambition is to “to empower you and your organisation to do more with AI.”

Caroline Carruthers - Director, Carruthers and Jackson

Caroline is the co-author of the Chief Data Officer's Playbook, a great little book and extensive project on how data officers and companies alike must adapt to fit new circumstances and hit new targets.

With background knowledge in being a principal consultant, director, chief technology officer and chief data officer, Caroline's understanding of the industry and its needs to adapt to new technologies comes from multiple positions rather than one.

Theresa Payton - Co-Founder, Dark Cubed

Theresa is the president and co-founder of Fortalice Solutions LLC and the co-founder Dark Cubed. With a highly impressive list of experiences like hers, it's no wonder she thrives and accomplishes so much.

Theresa is the first woman to serve as CIO for the white house, a stunning feat that is almost hard to imagine. To see her inspirational story about her time there, check out our CxO of the Week.

Donna Burbank - Managing Director, Global Data Strategy

Donna specifies in helping organisations transform across the world. As the name says, her company dedicates itself to the industry's ability in developing a good strategy and approach to their business.

While having specialties in multiple areas like Data Architecture and Business Transformation, Donna is always happy to have a chat with different CxOs on podcasts and discuss the pressing issues facing the tech industry today.

Heidi Melin - Chief Marketing Officer, Workfront

With 20+ years of experience under her belt, Heidi has not only worked thoroughly to ensure the best marketing scheme for each of the many companies she worked for, she has also seen the industry transform decade by decade.

Demand generation, corporate identity and brand strategy are just a few of the things she specialises in, each an important and essential part of understanding how one's dynamic must constantly complement the ever--changing nature of the industry.

Jaymie Scotto Cutaia - Co-Founder, Jaymie Scotto & Associates

Providing the perfect solution for the tech industry's public relations, marketing and event planning problems, Jaymie works day and night to ensure the communications between companies are as efficient, productive and mutually beneficial as possible.

Further, she is also the CEO and founder of the CEO Exchange, a place for the most optimal networking opportunities between people of note.