Top 10 IoT Companies rocking your socks off

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If you grew up in the world I grew up in, it is difficult to imagine an era without the internet. Rather than keeping the internet for practical functions, it has expanded. For better or for worse, it has become a part of everyday living.

In recent years, we have heard a phrase called "Internet of Things" (IoT); the way in which the internet is expanding beyond the usage of traditional devices. Consequently, we are seeing the internet expand to be one of the most important forces of everyday life.

There is certainly a lot of beauty that comes with the internet, so let's have a look at some of the companies that are making it all the more beautiful.


Huawei's aim is to bring IoT to nearly every industry. Agriculture, motors, you name it! By utilising cloud technology and big data, Huawei's IoT management platform has cross-platform capabilities, tracks analytics accurately and is entirely secure. With one of the primary problems of IoT being security, Huawei's secure platform puts our ransomware nerves at ease.


The ultimate force for IoT in the enterprise, Verizon is opening up new markets and sources of revenue because of their great programme "ThingSpace." With diverse amounts of hardware, state of the art programming, accurate data storage and a secure data base, Verizon is leading the IoT dream.

Eastern Peak

While companies have employed IoT on a larger scale, Eastern Peak is employing IoT for the mobile. As a result, they have created an amazing portfolio of products. Want to control your car systems through your phone? You should probably use Eastern Peak. Their product allows you to check the engine of your car and even close doors automatically. Moreover, this technology has been applied to sprinklers, fertility cycles and more!

HQ Software Lab

Who needs sleek design when you've got raw know-how? HQ Software Lab has customisable architecture built to your specific needs and as a result is allowing users to use their company for smart homes, plants and even vehicles. Furthermore, HQ Software Lab is suitable for a range of devices, from glucometres all the way to anything with light sensors!


Nothing beats classic! Hitachi is leading the path of IoT with their amazing "smart spaces." Because there are real risks that come with traffic and transit, Hitachi have consequently come up with a solution. With one integrated view of activity, operations and safety issues combined with real time data and analysis, Hitachi is certainly making roads safer for users. Furthermore, Hitachi is accurate because it has been trained to filter out interference and weather.


Imagine this: digital buildings. Imagine a world in which construction monitoring, facility management and plant planning is all digitalised, so you can watch all proceedings on your browser. Thanks to NavVis, we are living in that world. Fast, accurate and efficient, NavVis could not be where it is now without the mastermind behind it: Felix Reinshagen. You go, Felix!


We all make the morning commute to work. We're all aware of the amazing technological feat that is the train network. Luckily, visionary Andreas Kunze has found a way to improve it even further. Using smart IoT and AI, Konux is allowing train industries to fully understand their data and analytics.

R-Style Lab

R-Style seems about as diverse as you can get. Looking to build a smart home? R-Style certainly has the tools for you! With facial recognition, voice control enablement, smart home automation with machine learning and more, your home can become fully automated. Its capabilities are endless.

Beyond this, R-Style Lab is the ultimate tool for the industry. Offering machine vision & industrial video analysis, data warehousing in cloud, pattern recognition and more, R-Style Lab is diverse and all encompassing.

Hdac Technology

The two hottest topics I always hear about are IoT and Blockchain. Furthermore, I always hear about the level of security that blockchain brings. It's known that IoT can bring about security concerns, so what's the solution? Hdac Technology applies blockchain to smart homes, smart buildings and various industries! Founded by tech savvy Hyundai BS&E founder Dae-Sun Chung, it is no wonder that Hdac is leading the company to success.

Telenor Connexion

What do you want to be connected to the internet? A washing machine? A car? Your heating system? Across industries, Telenor is building the internet into various products in order for the enterprise to emerge into the modern world. This then relays to a platform which collects and monitors data. Finally, an application is used to monitor the data and metadata. Simple, sleek, secure.