Squirro: The Client Cockpit and its Role in Delivering a First-Class Customer Experience

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For any business, knowing your customers’ preferences, likes, and dislikes is a feature of customer service that has been around for as long as commerce has existed. Many years ago, a shopkeeper would know many of their customers personally and be able to suggest and recommend differences or additions to their usual order. Now, organizations use data to understand what their customers are interested in and what is likely to be of interest to them in the future.

Recent Gartner research found that nearly nine in 10 companies (89%) compete primarily on the basis of customer experience. This is achieved via data and utilizing the insight contained within that data. Yet the sheer volume of data in modern business can be overwhelming, and customer-facing professionals do not have the time to go through many different data sets to look for the insight they require. That’s why the Client Cockpit has become such an essential enterprise tool. It delivers information and insight relating to a particular client and does so in a format that is easy-to-use and quick to understand.

Download this white paper and learn how the AI-based Squirro Client Cockpit can benefit your organization, enabling deep customer insight and delivering first-class customer experience.