Squirro: Architecting Insights for the Digital Future

Published on
12/12/2019 12:48 PM

The power of snap customer decisions to remain with or leave a provider is a real challenge for organizations across industries. Your organization has to have a deeper understanding of the customer to help ensure that the relationship lasts.

Despite the benefits of CRM and BI technologies, these are limited in their capabilities to anticipate intent and predict what customers want and need within their business context. So, while data about and relative to customers continues to grow, the insight necessary to maintain customer success is lacking.

Insight is crucial to differentiating experiences, products, and services and it is therefore vital for your organization to do more with the data and analytics tools at your disposal. Yet Forrester has reported that only one in ten businesses are currently insights-driven. Why is there such a relatively small number of businesses ready to embrace insight? And what steps can organizations take if they wish to become an insights-driven business?

Download this white paper to learn how disruptive and high-profile businesses are winning customers through differentiated experiences, products, and services. Find out why harnessing data-driven insights from Augmented Intelligence is the Digital Future.

How can organisations become truly insights-driven? Let's find out.