The ABC’s of insurance: analytics, business transformation and customer centricity

Published on
12/12/2019 12:48 PM

READ It is crazy to think that insurers are now the ones that need to manage their risk in the face of disruption. They must reinvent their business processes and strategies from the inside out to keep up with the rate of change. So, what are insurers doing to take action? Insurance Nexus conducted exclusive interviews with the largest life insurer – Manulife and a mid-tier insurer IAT and created an exclusive white paper on analytics, business transformation and customer-centricity. Take a look at these exclusive interviews here Get answers on how to apply the ABC’s of insurance in your business to:

  • Apply advanced analytics and glean critical insights: figure out how data management, analytics and machine learning hold critical places in your organizations ability to achieve in the digital world and get clear insight on how to effectively apply and execute results-driven analytics across your business
  • Believe in business transformation and cultural change: making change in your business can be strenuous on your workforce, you need to hire new talent, train existing staff and get internal advocates onboard, find out the best steps forward to make new plans resonate
  • Create a customer-centric approach that sticks: put the customer at the heart of your planning process and determine how to set up your best approach based on what your core clients want