Looker: Data Centralisation and the Multi-Cloud Choice

Published on
16/12/2019 11:15 AM

Looker: Data Centralisation and the Multi-Cloud Choice
Organisations today are no longer just considering the cloud. Instead, they are exploring the multitude of cloud options available for adoption today. In particular, today’s cloud landscape offers a number of choices for databases, hosting environments, and data delivery.

In this podcast, Gerard White, Enterprise Sales Engineer at Looker, delves into data centralisation and the multi-cloud choice. Firstly, he outlines data centralisation and its role in businesses today. Then, he explains the benefits of bringing data sources together in one place. Gerard also details why it’s important for enterprises to have the choice of where to store their data, deploy their applications and where to surface data and insight. Finally, he explores the considerations for companies when making their data delivery decisions.

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