Cloudera Episode 2: Optimise the Cost of Data and Analytics with Hybrid Cloud

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The promises of lower costs and more efficient use of technology through the adoption of public cloud are attractive but in many cases a simple shift to the cloud does not equate to cheaper deployments. Being able to understand cloud economics is an essential step for all organizations. All areas need to be carefully considered before investing fully in public cloud and to avoid costly cloud implementations.

In this podcast, Scott Taylor speaks to Abhas Ricky, Managing Director, Global Head – Strategy & Transformation at Cloudera. Abhas starts by talking about why people implement the cloud and how enterprises can have a better understanding of the costs involved. Secondly, he explains how organisations should define their total cost of ownership model. Also, Abhas explains how ephemeral workloads can be beneficial and the differences between analytical and operational workloads. Finally, he outlines where the complications and nuances come in around the cost of data and analytics.

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