Pulse Secure: Demystifying Zero Trust Network Access

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Today, being hit with a data breach is almost inevitable. No organization is immune: Facebook, Marriott, and even government agencies have been victimized. Now, experts are predicting more serious repercussions than data theft including data and system manipulation, and full exposure of company secrets and intellectual property. At the same time difficulties in enforcing data protection have never been more challenging—and more urgent.

Most attacks result from compromised credentials, vulnerable endpoints, unmanaged IoT devices, or unprotected access to applications and resources. Attackers gain an entry point to a network and begin to discover resources and expand control. But organizations are also vulnerable to unintentional mistakes: in a recent study, human errors were the second largest cause of data breaches

Protecting Data and Access in a Digital World:

  • Trust is no longer determined by location or IP address
  • Secureaccess must evolve to the cloud where users and applications are moving
  • There isn’t a distinction between “inside” the network or “outside” the corporate network any more

Ensuring security compliance

  • Dynamic endpoint visibility and policy enforcement regardless of user, app, and device location