Telestream: How to Exceed Customers’ Viewing Experience Expectations

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Telestream: How to Exceed Customers’ Viewing Experience Expectations

Online video has significantly grown over the years. In fact, it has matured to become a pillar of business success. Nowadays, video streaming is a recognised means to grow customer bases, thus generating revenue. However, companies should consider whether they are delivering the best possible quality to their audience.

In this episode, Telestream’s Director of Product Management, Kirk George, shares his thoughts on how to make the most out of video streaming. To begin with, Kirk outlines the current video streaming landscape and the changes he has seen over time. Further to this, he delves into the expectations of customers today. Kirk also explores the challenges associated with delivering a high-quality experience and shares his top tips on overcoming them. Plus, Kirk delves into how customer experience management ties into video quality assurance.

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