How do cloud communications help small businesses grow?

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12/12/2019 01:49 PM

For a successful business to grow, effective communication is absolutely key. In fact, an insightful 8x8 report illustrates the ways in which cloud business communications enable small businesses to grow. As 8x8 notes, a communication system should be just as flexible, scalable, and "multi-talented" as the company's team. It is therefore no surprise that enterprises are now opting for cloud-hosted phone systems to grow and adapt their business.

Smart features enhance productivity

Internal innovations and changes within an organisation should not impact productivity levels. However, 8x8 insists that the "right phone system can help you take things to the next level." First and foremost, cloud-hosted communications means that "state-of-the art features" are no longer the preserve of bigger companies. It also allows companies to benefit from HD voice, call recording, voicemail notification via email, and a wealth of other capabilities. This enhances a company's ability to connect and collaborate internally, while integrating seamlessly with an existing CRM system. Externally, cloud-hosted communications also provide a "slicker, more efficient" service for customers.

Flexibility is key to growth

A small, growing business also needs to focus on flexibility. With 8x8's Virtual Office, employees can access all features and functionality wherever the are via a mobile app on their laptop, tablet or smartphone. In turn, this improves work-life balance, makes it easier to open up a new location, and streamlines international projects. As 8x8 observes, mobile working "is a great way to make the best use of their talents, while presenting a seamless impression to customers." The inherent flexibility of cloud-hosted systems means that they are also easily scalable. Web-based management enables companies to easily add users in just a few clicks, while expanding into new premises is far less complex.

Seamless customer service

8x8's Virtual Office also allows enterprises to easily manage an increasing number of customer calls and orders. Subsequently, "downtime is no longer an issue" with the flexibility that cloud-hosted communications delivers. Auto-attendant is particularly useful as it enables the customer to direct themselves efficiently to the correct person. This saves time for the customer, while saving both time and money for the company. A conventional phone system adds complexity if customers are based across the globe or employees operate across a wide geographical segment. However, migrating to cloud-hosted communications unites customers and employees under one system.

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