Supporting the Citizen Integrator with Enterprise Architecture

Published on
12/12/2019 12:48 PM

The reason for Enterprise Architecture's death knell is straightforward. As the level of disruption increases, not just in IT departments but across the entire enterprise, traditional approaches to EA are becoming increasingly inadequate for helping organisations successfully navigate the rapids of disruption.

Today, the EA must drive agility across the entire organisation, helping to rethink traditional siloed organisational structures and technology initiatives to facilitate end-to-end digital transformation.

It's a tall order. And it won't be easy. But EAs love a challenge, right?

In this series of EA Communiques, the focus is on EAs and for the organizations, they work for. Get to know the different aspects of the changing role of the EA:

  • The Enterprise Architecture Context for Self-Service
  • Putting EA to the Test: The Citizen Integrator