The next step in digital business transformation

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Delivering IT as a service – how do you consume your technology? What's the next step in digital business transformation?

The current model for delivering IT is overstretched or, in some cases, broken. IT budgets and resources are with the day-to-day issues of managing legacy deployments. A continuous struggle to simply ‘keep the lights on' leaves little capacity for innovation.

The traditional approach of ‘evaluate, purchase and deploy' does not scale for businesses that increasingly need rapid access to innovation and commercial flexibility to dynamically address market challenges and user needs. The financial focus needs to switch from the cost of ownership to value obtained and cost of use.

Many organisations are looking to cloud – public, private and hybrid – to provide more flexible IT infrastructure and services. Users, whose awareness and confidence with technology has grown through large-scale consumer adoption, need complete freedom to access cloud services irrespective of the assets used.

This report from Quocirca looks more closely at the evolving relationship between the IT function and other parts of the business and how it could be dramatically improved to the benefit of all parties, by using the flexibility now offered by modern networks and services, combined with an intelligent approach to the funding of IT spending. This leads to a model where IT assets no longer have to be owned but can be delivered and consumed as a service.