Edgescan: De-Risking Mergers & Acquisitions

Published on
12/12/2019 12:48 PM

Consider the impact of high-profile security breaches, companies have faced hundreds of millions of dollars in direct losses, material negative impact to their brand reputation and corresponding erosion to customer loyalty and trust. A rushed or limited cybersecurity vetting process may miss exposures or key indicators of existing or prior breach. That is why it is critical to understand cybersecurity vulnerabilities and the potential damage that may occur by not identifying and mitigating them in a reasonable and orderly fashion. This case study illustrates the process to answer the challenging question ‘how do we know what state the IT assets are in without performing due diligence on the assets prior to acquisition?’.  Implementing edgescan solves this problem and ultimately saves time and money when accepting new acquisitions into the network whilst maintaining control over the entire web-facing security posture.