Digital Transformation: Bridging the Paper and Digital Gap

Published on
12/12/2019 12:48 PM

How digitisation and business process automation are enablers for digital transformation

Recent Quocirca research highlights that the top business imperatives are focused on strengthening customer relationships, improving productivity and driving down costs. With the increasing adoption of new mobile and collaborative technologies, along with flexible delivery models such as the cloud, the strategy for organisations wanting to meet their business objectives and ensure efficient business process delivery, is becoming increasingly complex.

Many organisations are taking steps to accelerate their digital transformation journey through a combination of digitisation, better information management and business process automation.

Leading managed print service providers are well positioned to enable digital transformation through a broad approach to analysing the complete information lifecycle – both paper and digital – and implementing workflow automation to drive business process efficiency.

Those who are ahead in their digital transformation journey are already reaping the benefits. Quocirca's Digital Maturity Index distinguishes the leaders from the laggards, revealing that leaders outperform their peers when it comes to customer retention, productivity and employee engagement.